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Code of Conduct
St. Lawrence Secondary School students are expected to adhere to the UCDSB Safe Schools Policy. This policy will be enforced as well as the Anti Racism and Sexual Discrimination Policy. All students regardless of race, colour, creed, sexuality, gender, gender identification, physicality and abilities are treated with dignity and respect.


At SLSS, each student has a right to an education. To ensure that right and to promote a positive learning environment, the school has developed the following Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct clearly defines and emphasizes for students, parents/guardians and teachers the following:
 a sense of self-worth and self-discipline in students
 a partnership between the school and the home
 indicators of appropriate student behaviour
 a series of realistic and effective consequences or sanctions for inappropriate behaviour
 a caring and nurturing environment


 to seek education according to their particular needs, abilities and ambitions
 to respect each other’s right to learn
 to make St. Lawrence Secondary School a positive place to learn
 to recognize and respect the rights of others (teachers, peers, and members of the community)
 to understand that individuals are responsible for their own actions, and that consequences may result
 to respect all students regardless of differences
 to remember that their conduct and speech reflect the reputation of the school
 to remember that respect and courtesy are hallmarks of a SLSS student
 to remember that our school is a ‘hands off’ school


Grade 9-12 students will not be permitted to access the 7 and 8 wing or stairwells at any time throughout the school day unless granted permission by school staff.


When a student fails to maintain the Code of Conduct and inappropriate behaviour occurs, disciplinary measures are applied within a framework that shifts the focus from one that is solely punitive to a focus that is both corrective and supportive. This action may take several forms, determined by the nature and seriousness of the situation.

The school applies early and ongoing intervention strategies to help prevent inappropriate behaviours and provide students with appropriate supports. The range of interventions, supports and consequences are developmentally appropriate and provide opportunities for the student to focus on improving their behaviour.
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